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Exhibitions in Evian and surroundings

At the Palais Lumière in Evian
From Saturday 05 November 2016 to Sunday 08 January 2017

Exhibition “From the caricature to the poster, 1850-1918”

The exhibition, based on the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts, traces this moment in the history of the poster, intimately linked to the history of the press, to political and economic contexts since 1850, a key moment in the history of The commercial.

The beginning of the 20th century marks the end of a generation, Toulouse Lautrec, Chéret and Mucha. Their absence then creates a feeling of emptiness all the stronger as their images had become ubiquitous on the walls of Paris. A vacuum that allowed the idea that the art of the poster had remained moribund until 1918. It is not well know the role played by the cartoonists and cartoonists during this period because very Quickly, the advertisers spot their acerbic trait, their mastery of the shortcut, their art of the ellipse, which admirably join the first advertising theories. Jossot, Sem, Barrère, Guillaume Gus Bofa, Roubille or Cappielo, all of whom have inspired Cabu or Wolinski.




Charlie Chaplin Museum in Corsier-Sur-Vevey

Discover places entirely dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, the artist and the man.

Come experience an unforgettable experience in the four corners of the estate: Discover the life of Charlie Chaplin in his family intimacy at the Manoir, take an unprecedented journey through the scenery of his greatest films at the Hollywood Studio, a walk in the park and a Stop at the shop and coffee shop, The Tramp will conclude your visit.

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